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President and Tariff Specialist
VZLS – Swiss Dental Laboratories.


Swiss Dental Laboratories is the association of leading dental laboratories in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. It promotes recognition and awareness of the profession and ensures future-oriented training and further education.

Since 1936, Swiss Dental Laboratories and its well over 500 members have stood for quality-conscious and trend-setting Swiss dental technology.

The association is committed to the reputation of Switzerland as a location for competitive dental technology and represents the collective interests of competitive dental technology companies in dealings with politics, authorities and the economy.

Swiss Dental Laboratories is committed to an economic system in which entrepreneurial performance is decisive for economic success. The association strives to ensure the greatest possible transparency in the market and offers its members customer-oriented services to improve their opportunities in the market. It embraces technological change, industrialisation and internationalisation of the industry as an entrepreneurial challenge.


As a competent partner in dentistry, Swiss Dental Laboratories ensures high-quality care for patients. Swiss Dental Laboratories – your industry navigator for one-stop dental care.

Marco Camin, President